Hello, this is Nadiyar /nʌdɪər/ :)
I’m a 20 years old computer science student from Iran.
Despite being introverted and sometimes even shy, I love communicating with other people (online) and talk about what we like common and always appreciate new ideas and standpoints. Though I spend most of my time watching anime, reading/writing blogs and being adventures with computers and internet.
I’ve been writing code for quite some time now but currently I’m mostly attracted to the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and enjoy learning about it.

Privacy and freedom are extremely important to me and none can exist without free software, therefore I’m so cautious about tools and programs I use also love to talk about these subjects.
So feel free to message me if you want to have a conversation about anime, Java, Clojure, planting and gardening, GNU/Linux, privacy or just want to say hi :)

Contact info are available on the main page and don’t forget to check me out on Mastodon.