Part 1 also exists as an independent post. But today I decided to share some notes as continue and explore how to overcome privacy nihilism.

One thing to remember is philosophical matters usually doesn’t reach to a single solid answer but the person dealing with them only steps into the journey of healing himself/herself so eventually escape nihilism.

Now, don’t say privacy is dead because it’s not. In fact, we are winning the privacy war. Even though it might not seem like it, but regulations are happening all around the world, slowly but surly. And new generations care more about privacy than you expect. If you think it’s already too late to take any action or enforce any new law, because those who shouldn’t already know everything about you, well that’s wrong.

In the case of social media, you always had control to post what you want, so there’s some hope :) And if you’re worried about information they gathered about you, well screw them! Because you change, your preferences won’t stay still, facts are fluid and after some time what they know about you will become obsolete. If passwords are what make you worried that’s even easier, just change them and start using a password manager beside a safe web browser like Firefox (uhh).

I’m not going to talk about this anymore because Evan Selinger already wrote an essay and already said many things. Also if you’re stuck behind a paywall and don’t access to the article I copied and pasted it here with no change.

You can also take action, learn and teach. Nothing can help you with privacy nihilism better than feeling of actively fighting privacy invaders. Learn how to protect yourself and others by contents provided by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) at this address.

Thanks for reading; please let me know what do you think. Good luck.